Sell FF Points Without Violating Airline Terms And Conditions


We’re touching upon a slightly controversial topic in the world of airline miles. A lot of airlines have very strict terms and conditions when it comes to their loyalty programs, and they expect their members to abide by them. However, there are a lot of frequent flyers who’re into selling FF points. Do they get sent to jail? What actions does an airline take against them? Most importantly, how much money do they make? These are legitimate questions you automatically think of before you sell FF points.

1. Is Selling FF Points Legal?

Luckily, it’s legal to sell FF points everywhere in the United States except Utah. This means that you won’t be sent to jail for selling emails. Yes, you can sign in relief knowing no legal action will be taken against you for making some fast (and easy) money.

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2. Why Should I Sell FF Points In The First Place?

For some collecting airline miles or FF, points is a game, a way of living that they’ve perfected over the years. Frequent flyers tend to earn miles and then later redeem them for reward seats and upgrades. Yes, this is great for those who’re into traveling, but what about those who never end up redeeming their miles? Apparently, 25% of people let their frequent flyer miles expire, much like gift cards. These people don’t realize that FF points are valuable and they can be exchanged for amazing rewards.

Selling FF points is worth it because at the end of the day you’re making a few thousand dollars in the luxury of your home. Who doesn’t want that? If you’re not traveling and you have thousands of miles in your account why not sell them to someone who could be desperate for them? Think of it as a good deed that benefits you as well.

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3. Sell FF Points To Mileage Brokers

Mileage brokers came on the scene when they saw the popularity of airline miles as an opportunity. They created a little niche for themselves in the grey market, and have flourished in this business for over a decade. These professional know exactly what steps to take to protect their customers from the prying eyes of airlines. Frequent flyers who’re interested in buying or selling FF points should rest assured and know their accounts and identity will be protected by mileage brokers. Think of them as middlemen who help you evade any consequences attached to selling FF points.

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4. Before You Sell Your FF Points

Before selling your FF points you should read the terms and conditions of the mileage broker you sell your FF points to. This will benefit you because you’ll know exactly what your rights are as a seller. Also, check if the mileage broker you’re interested in requires a minimum number of miles for each transaction. There are some who only agree to sell your miles if you have 100,000 or more FF points to sell. With so many mileage brokers in the market, today choose the one that feels right for you.


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