Help Families Come Together This Holiday Season When You Sell Southwest Airline Miles

Help Families Come Together This Holiday Season When You Sell Southwest Airline Miles

The holiday season is upon us and the “mad Christmas dash” is about to begin, when people will be going from one house to the other to visit their loved ones. There are some who will be going a step further and visiting their families across the country. In order to save some money on their travel expenses a lot of frequent flyers will be buying miles directly from the airline, however, experienced frequent flyers know a little shortcut to save some money on airline miles. Instead of buying miles from the airlines, they take a small detour and buy miles from mileage brokers. This is because mileage brokers sell their airline miles at the lowest possible price. Since the demand of airline miles will be exceptionally high during the holiday season, it makes it the ideal time to sell Southwest Airline miles.

1. Make Someone’s Wish Come True

If you’re not using your airline miles, there is a possibility that someone out there needs them to get a discount on their ticket. Families will be eager to save on airline tickets this time of the year, especially since airline hike the prices of the tickets during the holiday season.

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You’re lucky if you don’t have to fly to visit family. There are college students who want to save up on their airline ticket, they’re people who’re just starting out on their first jobs and can’t afford to pay full price. Most of them will be relying on their airline miles to get discounts on their travels. In the spirit of helping others, you can sell Southwest Airline miles.

2. Make Some Extra Money For Buying Presents


So, your present giving list is super long, and you’re a just halfway through your list. Instead of worrying about a massive credit card bill, why not make some extra side cash to help you out with the bill? Think of it this way, you’ll be using the money towards giving, again. The extra money can also be used to give yourself a much-needed treat as well. If you have been eying that designer bag for a couple of months, this is the time to purchase it.

3. A Few Things To Keep In Mind Before Selling Your Miles

Before you sell your airline miles make sure to go through the exact terms and conditions of the mileage brokers once you have registered with the program. Better yet, do it when you’re researching the particular mileage broker. There are some mileage brokers who actually require an interested party to buy the miles before they can purchase your miles. On the other hand, their mileage brokers who will happily buy your miles as an investment.

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Make sure to check if the broker needs a minimum number of miles for each transaction. Some mileage brokers only sell airline miles for you if you have up to 100,000 or more miles to sell. Another important factor is to make sure you follow each step that the broker requires from you, and especially fill out the form as carefully as possible.


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