Tips and Tricks to Earn Big Credit Card Points with Minimum Spending


When you live busy lifestyles, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as earning extra cash with minimal effort. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most monetary value possible for the airline miles they accrue, so it’s only right that we help them on their path to accumulate as many rewards as possible. Today, we will take a look at some simple tips and tricks that can be utilized to rack up points fast!

Useful Tricks to Earn Credit Card Points With Less Spend 

The first step to accumulating points is to make sure you select the proper credit card. Regardless of your preferred airline, the majority of them will reward you for simply paying your credit card bill on time. Fortunately, it often doesn’t have to be solely travel expenses that are purchased on the card. For that reason, you are going to want to sync up all of your normal purchase habits with your airline card. By sticking to a schedule that pays off your electricity, cable, phone, insurance, etc., you can tally up the points in no time.

Look for reasons to spend with your card and take advantage of technology. For example, you can ask your friends to use Venmo or PayPal to pay you for a night out on the town and then cover all the costs with your card. Your waiter will thank you when they don’t have to split the bill five ways! Speaking of meals, most airlines have partnerships with national chain restaurants. When you eat at one of their preferred restaurants, you can often earn bonus points. When you sign up to acquire your card, make sure you get a list of all the dining establishments they are associated with. The the same idea can be applied to movie theaters, department stores, gas stations. and more.

When you get a new card, be sure to let the airline know that you are open to completing surveys. By sacrificing a bit of your spare time to answer questions, airlines will offer incentives for free points. They usually take less than 15 minutes and are more than worth it when you look at your point totals.

Always remember that it pays to stay in the right locations. Many cards will offer large incentives when certain hotels are selected during your travels. Whether you are overseas looking for a five-star hotel or traveling to visit family and just need a good chain for a few nights, it can be extremely lucrative to choose the proper lodging.

Remember that every day offers an opportunity to earn new points, and with new points can come big bucks. Who couldn’t use that after another busy holiday season?


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