Terms and Conditions

So that we can ensure a smooth transaction, it is important to understand the terms and conditions. Please don't hesitate to email us:

Payment Process:

Once we receive all your information, we work quickly to verify your account. Sometimes, we may need to call you in order to complete verification. Once verified, payment will be issued via PayPal within the same business day.

What do we do:

1. Once we purchase your account (which means you providing us with the account access), your account will then be used towards redemption of airline tickets. In other words, your account will be used to book airline tickets for third party passengers. Alternatively, if we purchase your credit card points, we will transfer them out to one of the partner airlines. You may receive emails regarding the redemption. Should you have any questions, please forward them to our office.

2. Please note that we reserve the right to access the account until the ticket has been utilized (or the passenger has flown and returned back).

3. We will only use the amount of miles we purchased even if the account accrued more miles in the meantime.

4. We may also need to add miles in order to book a ticket if the account does not have enough miles. The additional miles belong to us as well and we only add them before booking if necessary.

5. We do not buy miles that are going to expire within 6 months of the sale.

What you should do/ Or Not do:

Since selling miles is against the policy of the airline, it is always best to direct questions to our office. You may email us at sales@mileagespot.com.

Please do not change your login or password until the journey is completed. Changing the login, pin, or password may result in a payment reversal.