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Steve Kivimagi    United States        03/18/2019
Really happy with my big payout from mileage spot. The whole process was simple. Just took a hour. Highly recommended.
Gital Dodelson    United States        03/18/2019
The transaction was quick and easy - took less than an hour from when I got my quote until I was paid. No human interaction necessary.
Eric    United States        03/18/2019
I could not have hoped for a better experience. The communication seemed a little on the light side, short and to the point and without a sales pitch. I asked a couple of questions and recieved concise answers very promptly and without any fluff or sales pitch. I decided to move ahead and chose the option where the payout was slightly higher if the payment was made after they used the points rather than before. The representative said it could be a few days but is usually much faster. It was a lot faster, they dealt in the points and paid out the same day. I really can't think of anything they could do to improve the process or the service. Five out of five starts without reservation.
Jordan    United States        03/17/2019
I tried several different mileage selling sites, but Mileage Spot was the best experience for sure. I recommend that you give them a try.
Andre Candido Ubriaco De Oliveira    Singapore        03/14/2019
Great service and fast to complete what they promise. I totally recommend it.
Josh    Australia        03/13/2019
prompt payment
Daniel    Israel        03/13/2019
Best price I got after shopping around, got paid 1 day after submitting required information
Pompeya    United States        03/13/2019
Sold my points and was given a good pricefor itπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ This was meant to be a 5 star rating!
Ashok    United States        03/08/2019
Worked great - exactly as promised on the website.
Michael    United States        03/07/2019
I checked around the different companies, and Impressed me the most. Both with their generous pricing and both with their very professional service. Paid immediately, and now I feel completely comfortable selling the other miles I have accumulated on airlines that I don’t regularly use anymore. 100% trustworthy.