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Scott    United States        05/25/2020
I would like to address something I did, I left some negative reviews that was false because of a minor issue I had with the company, all there reviews are positive so most likely if you come across one that is negative it is from me, sometimes we do things without thinking it through.
Ryan    Canada        03/07/2020
highest rate online and pay immediately. Great customer service experience too.
A    United States        03/02/2020
Top notch. Paid immediately.
shaya    United States        02/27/2020
great experience very professional got the highest offer
Ken Kansky    United States        02/25/2020
Quick Payment , Highest miles payout I could find.
Tim Gaughran    United States        01/31/2020
Outstanding service. Very easy directions and a fantastic deal.
James Brown    United States        01/29/2020
I've researched quite a few of these online brokers and Mileage Spot had the highest rate and even paid more if you were willing to wait a bit longer than instant. They have a ton of good reviews so it's safe to do. Quote and transaction was smooth sailing!
Zbyszek    Poland        01/23/2020
I trusted them & I was right. Th transaction was fast and i got paid immediately as agreed.
Bonnie M    United States        01/22/2020
have used another company to sell my miles which seemed like a long process. With Mileage Spot, their prices (used them twice) were extremely competitive (actually the highest monies paid out). It literally took a few hours for them to verify my account, and deposit the money into my account. Everything is transparent which made me comfortable with the transactions that I did with them.
Paul L.    United States        01/15/2020
Excellent customer service and reliability but more importantly superior professionalism exhibited by their staff during my three communications with them.