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Rob Duncan    U.S. Virgin Islands        08/15/2018
Incredible service! I never realized it would be so quick and secure
Steven    United States        08/11/2018
The Mileage Spot is such a great service to get extreme value from reward points. I’ve used them multiple times and each transaction has been super simple. They are as transparent as they can be, and maintain integrity of your information. Worry and stress free. No need to shop around just go with Mileage Spot.
Daniel    United States        07/12/2018
“The team at Mileage Spot was a pleasure to work with. They answered all my questions and helped me with every single transaction from my various airline miles accounts. Payment came through immediately, while inputting the information on their website and speaking with a representative. There are a lot of scammers out there in this industry and Mileage Spot really did a tremendous job putting me at ease. If you're looking for a legitimate business to sell your miles or points to, then look no further than Mileage Spot. I'll definitely be referring them to friends and will be using them again if I need to down the line. Thanks so much!”
Mitchell F.    Canada        05/30/2018
The people at mileage spot were very friendly and responsive, and they also got me the best price out there! The price for miles is very standardized across various websites, but not compared to mileagespot - which got me an extra couple hundred dollars over the rest! Very pleased with this company and will do business with them again.
Scott P.    Austria        02/17/2018
Once again an amazing experience with MileageSpot. I have conducted two transactions within the span of two weeks and I could not be happier with the customer service and speed of the transactions. The top company in this market space. Trustworthy and extremely courteous. This type of customer service is uncommon in today's world! I would give them 10 stars if I could.
Sin M.    Australia        12/06/2017
I'm from Sydney Australia and I found Milage spot service and honesty second to none they were honest on their word and efficient with the service they provided me, well-done guys, Now I get to travel in style and on an economy budget wouldn't fly any other way